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Blog Post 03  30/04/2013

It’s one week to go before ‘Fallen In Love’ opens in Gippeswyk Hall in Ipswich, and things are well on the way for opening night! Our set builder Will is putting the finishing touches to the set today, the costumes are all nearly complete, and our actors and Jo the director are polishing off the little details of the play.
We’ve been out and about all over London and East Anglia promoting the show, and have been having a fantastic response from everyone we’ve encountered.

We’ve also welcomed our new assistant stage manager Crystal to the company this week, who will be running the production and has been manically busy with getting props and the show in order. She has fitted into the running of everything fantastically well and it’s great to have her on board.

Now with opening night approaching, we though we’d get some feedback from the actors, Emma Connell and Scott Ellis, who gave us a little interview which you can see below!

Well that’s it for today, opening night is in six days time and everyone is incredibly excited. And here’s a couple of shots of some new faces involved with this fantastic show….

Crystal (assistant stage manager)
Will (set builder)

 Blog Post 02  10/04/2013

Hello! And welcome to the second FALLEN IN LOVE blog! Today will only be a shortish post, as we’re in full flow of getting the production underway! The last two weeks have been manic; we’ve been across the vast majority of East Anglia delivering flyers and posters to shops and businesses across the region, and have also made a great start on getting the FALLEN IN LOVE bandwagon out to London and Essex, with plenty more to do in the coming weeks…

Lisa our costume maker has been popping in as well, creating and putting together the finishing touches to the costumes for our two new actors, Emma Connell and Scott Ellis (we’ll hear from Emma and Scott in the coming weeks, as well as Lisa about her work).

Ticket sales are going great, with some shows nearly sold out, so grab your seats while you can! You can book online on or on 0844 800 3371 or 01473 603388.

Here’s a picture of our dynamic duo Luther and Louis, who have been fantastic over the last couple of weeks getting posters and flyers out, and have been a real driving force behind a lot of the work recently...

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Blog Post 01  19/03/2013

Wilkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome to Red Rose Chain’s FALLEN IN LOVE blog
Over the next few months, we’re going to give you a real insight into the creation of this spectacular play, and delve into the inner workings of a Red Rose Chain piece in production. We’ll talk to the cast and crew, Joanna Carrick the writer and director of the show, and get to know other faces around the company who are all key to the creation of our work.

OFFICIALLY, this Thursday is the launch day of the show, where tickets go on sale; see for more info, or call 01473 603388. We’ve had a dream team of Ryan and Rebecca out today starting to plaster Ipswich with flyers (picture above), and very soon, more will be travelling around East Anglia. However, cue BIG NEWS! Gippeswyk Hall, home of Red Rose Chain in Ipswich is not the only location where FALLEN IN LOVE will be performed, Oh no! Where else then? I hear you cry, and today, if we could tell you, we’d have to kill you, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for announcements this Thursday! However…we’ll give you a clue….

Anne Boleyn may have lost her head there……?!?!?!!?!

So! Exciting things are ahead…in the future we’ll have videos, interviews, images and maybe even a competition or two so keep a look out, and please feel free to share around your friends and family

We’re doing everything we can to get FALLEN IN LOVE out there, because really, it is great, so if you can help, or have any ideas for the publicity of the show, however whacky, do get in touch!

That’s it for now, until next time, here’s a picture of Kirsty, our Community and Youth Theatre Leader, falling in love with FALLEN IN LOVE….

For any further info on Red Rose Chain, check out our website:, Follow us on Twitter @red_rose_chain and ‘like’ us on Facebook!

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